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 The story of Israel is a story of survival, hope and restoration against, humanly speaking, impossible odds. It isn’t a story that shows the people of Israel, the Jewish people, always to be in the right, nor does it imply support for everything the modern country of Israel is or does. But it is a story with a meaning.

To many, it seems incredible to claim that the Bible is infinitely more than a collection of ancient myths – that its promises are 100% reliable, that there really is a God who is in control of the destiny of the world and all of us, that there really was and is a Man who in the light of a spring morning, 2000 years ago, walked out of his grave: that Jesus really will reappear physically as King.

To believe all this, you’d want solid evidence. The story of Israel is nothing less than a key part of that evidence. More than three thousand years of solid evidence - God’s ‘visual aid’, through history.

Look at it again. Nation after nation, superpower after superpower, that has persecuted the Jews has come to ruin. Assyria, Babylon, Rome, Tsarist Russia, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union – all falling victim to the words of Genesis, echoing down the centuries:

                 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you."

Meanwhile, the Jewish people have survived, despite appalling persecution, as the Bible said they would. Returned to their own land, as the Bible said they would. Defeated their enemies, as the Bible said they would. Made the land fertile again, as the Bible said they would - the satellite image on this page is a picture of the Bible coming true.

Solid evidence that you can trust the Bible, and believe the God who caused it to be written.

Nothing on this website should be interpreted as supporting the policies of the government of Israel

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